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Event Fabric Architecture

Limitless and Lightweight

Fabric architecture offerings are limitless. Can you imagine your company brand message shown in a variety of shapes and sizes, colorful, lit up and attention grabbing?

So Many Applications

The architecture provides the structure for fabric to fill a variety of marketing needs. These examples could include hanging signs, sheer walls, pop-up displays, translucent canopy ceilings, back walls, etc. Lightweight dye-sublimated, seamless fabric covers the surfaces with its vibrant colors. Choose from a variety of fabric types for different affects.

Design Expertise

Our event design professionals can help you create the branding atmosphere you desire. They can present you with a host of fabric architecture and fabric options. The fabric offerings include sheer, translucent or opaque. The aluminum structures can be straight, curved or asymmetrical. Twist the fabric through the frames to create dimension and an eye-popping 3D effect.

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